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Proving things in life needs a whole lot of sacrifice. And we all know that sacrifice comes along with pain and hatreds. But, one man’s desire cannot be turned-off by merely flushing it with an extinguisher. Warm coal always insists to burn out from inside just to prove that he could achieve its ambition.

            I am but a normal person whose ideas are of the standard but ambitious. In this stage of my living, I find it hard to find what I have been longing to see. When I was a little younger, I thought education and work are all that matters. I failed to see the heart that pumps and warms the soul. The heart that would pair mine to face the world, make my dreams into reality, and might even help me cross the sea.

            But finding the heart will never be easy. Women always believe that a man sets standards of whom they would want to be with. And, yes, who wouldn’t? Even women do, but not on same scale. As for me, I thought a perfect woman would be someone firm of her thoughts and ideals with a mind set of attaining her goal. That no matter what surrounds her, she is focused on what she wants to do and what she wants to achieve for herself and most importantly, to her family. Sounds unrealistic? Consider me Ambitious.

             Everybody has his own ambition in life. And at this very moment, mine is simple-Finding her. Many are astonished of the time I’ve already spent, but then, I still insist of not rushing. There is no room for mistakes on this issue. I heard a lot of stories that proved my theory of finding the right one. While some changed my belief, others strengthened it. So, I thought, I just have to hang on. And patience didn’t upset me when I came to know someone who brought back my belief and ideals of finding the right one.

            If I have to tell you, I met someone who is so focused and powerful but fun and happy. The very moment she told me of her primary objective in doing school made me bow down to her. Their Family has always been her priority and she would do things out of the ordinary to make her family happy. While cultivating her mind at school, she worked to buy the needed fertilizer of her wisdom. She is intelligent and truehearted much more that she is beautiful. She never shows weakness to people for she believes in herself. She often laughs at me for she thinks that I am weaker than she is. But, I know what she means. And I understand. Situations aren’t just that cordial to her. If I got the right picture, she is challenged. She carries her family on her shoulder trying to mobilize it from a place of uncertainty to a more relaxing area on her own. By her focus, she doesn’t want to show any weakness or signs of surrender for it might disturb her. That’s why I settled for another ambition – To help her in any way I can. Not the kind of help which I might distract her for I know how hard to carry such a load. Just clearing her way going there or carrying her load at rest, or anything she might request as to where or how she wants me to be.

            In a sensible mind, I am compulsive. I am hoping that my ambition would come true. The fact that I met someone beautiful, truehearted, intelligent and dedicated to her goals partially fulfilled my ambition. But there has to be more. If I am the best swimmer in the world, I am not satisfied of merely finding the dam. Fulfillment can only be felt when I swam across the dam.